Friday, August 24, 2012

Mmmmm. Soapy Spoiling.

I am a very pampered and spoiled woman.  Look at these beautiful products that my far away friend Tina sent me.  Tina and I had our own little private swap.  These are the luxurious goodies she sent to me.

The Cuban Coffee Soap is the soap in the back.  It smells very yummy.  I just love coffee fragrance.  I am pretty sure Tina saved this bar just for me.  It's a very pretty bar in person, with piped soap on the top.  It looks good enough to eat.  The lather is very fluffy and silky.  The soap is made with a wonderful blend of vegetable and animal oils, and cow and goat's milk.  It left my skin feeling great.  I have used Tina's soap's years ago.  I loved them then, and I love them even more now.  Tina is an exceptional soapamaker.  Her's are some of my favorite soaps ever.  In my opinion, better than most other people's handmade soaps.

The whitish bar is a Mineral Salt Spa soap.  I can't wait to try it!  It smells yummy with a gentle fragrance.  And is full of Pink Himilayan Sea salt.  What a fun salt to try in a salt bar.  She was kind enough to give me the recipe she used for this bar, so I can test it out.  I made a salt bar a little while back.  I liked it, but don't love it yet.  So it will be fun to compare and see how the differences in our recipes affect the final bar.  One day I hope to come up with a salt bar that I really like a lot.

This was my first time trying Tina's Lip Bomb.  It is fantastic!  And is full of really pampering ingredients, such as Avocado oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, and shea butter (three butters!!) and more.  I  really like the texture of this balm.  I think it is the perfect balance between hard  and soft, and so smooth.  The Vanilla flavor and fragrance complement this balm well too.  It soothes as you put it on, and protects the lips nicely.  I am very impressed with this lip balm.

The sugar scrub smells delicious.  I have only tried it on my hands so far.  I am waiting for this weekend to do an all over pampering session with it.  On my hands it was great.  Nice scrubbing action, without just enough oil to be moisturizing.  It is made with saponified oils of Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter.   That must be why the oils and sugar are not all separating and messy.  I think it is a great scrub and I can't wait to try it out.

The Cocoa Butter Cream is probably my favorite thing that Tina sent.  Oh my goodness!  It is so nice.  Tina makes wonderful lotion.  It is creamy and rich and feels really good on the skin.  It has a great slip and is not too oily.  It sinks in quickly enough, with just the right amount of moisturizing feel after you rub it in.  It is very indulgent with Cocoa Butter, Jojoba, Coconut oil, and Aloe.  I love how it feels, but most of all, I just LOVE the fragrance.  The blend of essential oils is heavenly.  They are all luxury essential oils such as sandalwood, and neroli.  I can't remember the rest of them, because I am not at home now and I can't look right now.
But there are about 5 really nice fancy essential oils in this cream.  Tina has a talent for blending them.  I smelled so delicious last night!

Tina is the owner of Essentially Made Soap Company in Lake Orion Michigan.  She can hook you up with some really wonderful pampering products.

Thank you Tina!