Thursday, October 25, 2007

My son Travis has gone on the deer hunt with us for many years. But this year was the first year Travis had his own tag and his own rifle. Travis's deer is a 3x2. It's pretty big too. Remember Travis is almost 6 feet tall. Then you get an idea of how big this deer is.

I'm so happy that Travis is a hunter. Because now my husband has another hunting buddy. He likes to hunt really hard, and I am more of a casual hunter. I like to stay in camp and read books for a good portion of the day. I also feel like I have less pressure to shoot a deer myself. I do enjoy going on the hunt, because I think it is good family time. And I don't have a problem with shooting a deer, although I do think they are pretty cute. I just have a problem shooting a running deer, or a buck with a bunch of does around it, or a buck hiding in thick trees. And the perfect shot just never seems to happen for me.

We processes the deer ourselves. We bought a meat grinder today so we can try grinding some up into burger. I've never had venison burger before. It should be interesting. We thought we'd try mixing venison with some ground beef, since the venison is so lean. It needs some fat to make burgers with.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fun at the zoo

This last year we took my grandson Gabriel to the zoo. He has a lot of fun there.

There is a nice little play area at our zoo. Here is how Spiderman probably got his start.

Have you ever seen a cuter turtle?
We had a bunch of fun.