Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pretty Spanish Fork Trail

This is the pretty trail I ran this morning.  There is a river that runs alongside it.  I am liking Spanish Fork so far.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bears to Cuddle

Okay, Don't look at how awful I look in this picture.  I was on the early morning shift and had not done my hair or makeup yet.  Just notice that wonderful little creature in my arms.  How cool is this.  I got to hold a baby bear!  I really have always wanted to do that.  At work today they had two little bear cubs on the morning news show.  The bears were two months old and so cute!  They liked to roll around, and be cuddled and suck on people's neck and hands.  They were so cute to watch.  After news I went over to the studio to try to pet one.  But I didn't just get to pet one, I also got to hold it!  I got to cuddle it up to my face and sniff it.  It didn't quite smell like puppies.  And I also found out that I am not allergic to baby bears like I am to some dogs.  Their fur is soft, but not as soft as I thought it would be.  It was a bit more wiry than I thought it would be, and very thick.  The bear made a very cute growl/purr noise as it was sleeping in my arms.  It was louder and rougher and more vibratey than a cat's purr.  The handler told me that bears make that sound when they are happy.  And sometimes even the adults will do this purr.  One bear that a co-worker got to hold was  sucking on her neck.  It was so cute!  I love bears!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raised Donuts, From Scratch!

It's been close to two years since I have blogged.  I've actually missed it quite a bit.  I like having a place to put thoughts and share things about my life.  I did enjoy my old blog.  But I think it is a good time in my life to start a new one.  So here I go! 

Look at what Christy and I made.  And they are homemade, from scratch!  I didn't even know it was possible to make RAISED Donuts from scratch.  My dad had always made cake donuts when I was a kid.   (Fun times.)  And they were very yummy.  But a plain old raised donut is my all time favorite!  My sister-in-law Dione showed me that you can make these by yourself, using your favorite bread dough recipe.  

Since we are moving this weekend, most of my kitchen supplies were packed.  I didn't have any measuring spoons.  So I had to cook like my mother taught me.  She cooks with out measuring and she is a very good cook.    So I had to just guess on a few measurements.  But the dough turned out very good.  

Christy rolled and cut the donuts. 

Notice we did not have a donut cutter.  
So Christy used a cup for the outer circles, and a clean pill bottle for the donut holes.
We rolled some in cinnamon sugar, and made a simple glaze, and some we dipped in chocolate.  The bread recipe is this one: Rich Egg Bread It was in my cookbook that of course was packed.  So I was glad to find my recipe right online!   Although I think the donuts look great, they did not look anything as good as Dione's donuts.  Her's were a beautiful work of art.  But these donuts were so tasty!