Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fun at the zoo

This last year we took my grandson Gabriel to the zoo. He has a lot of fun there.

There is a nice little play area at our zoo. Here is how Spiderman probably got his start.

Have you ever seen a cuter turtle?
We had a bunch of fun.


  1. I can't believe how big he's gotten.. I love to see the creativity that people have - the spider web...

  2. Gabriel is so cute! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  3. It was pretty fun. This was actually in the spring. So Gabriel is actually even bigger now. He turns 3 in about a week.

  4. I wish we had gone with you! I've been waiting for a new post from you and this was a fun one.

    Hi Gabriel!

    You are a pretty gramma, Trina!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I have gotten these posts from people I don't know, and some are speaking a different language that I don't understand. It looks like spam to me.

    Sharaya is about 6 months or so. I should post some recent pictures of her.

  7. That's a weird comment. I thought Cody Preston was playing joke on you!

    I love the zoo! Animals are so entertaining... especially when you have a cute little boy Gabriel to enjoy watching them with.