Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raised Donuts, From Scratch!

It's been close to two years since I have blogged.  I've actually missed it quite a bit.  I like having a place to put thoughts and share things about my life.  I did enjoy my old blog.  But I think it is a good time in my life to start a new one.  So here I go! 

Look at what Christy and I made.  And they are homemade, from scratch!  I didn't even know it was possible to make RAISED Donuts from scratch.  My dad had always made cake donuts when I was a kid.   (Fun times.)  And they were very yummy.  But a plain old raised donut is my all time favorite!  My sister-in-law Dione showed me that you can make these by yourself, using your favorite bread dough recipe.  

Since we are moving this weekend, most of my kitchen supplies were packed.  I didn't have any measuring spoons.  So I had to cook like my mother taught me.  She cooks with out measuring and she is a very good cook.    So I had to just guess on a few measurements.  But the dough turned out very good.  

Christy rolled and cut the donuts. 

Notice we did not have a donut cutter.  
So Christy used a cup for the outer circles, and a clean pill bottle for the donut holes.
We rolled some in cinnamon sugar, and made a simple glaze, and some we dipped in chocolate.  The bread recipe is this one: Rich Egg Bread It was in my cookbook that of course was packed.  So I was glad to find my recipe right online!   Although I think the donuts look great, they did not look anything as good as Dione's donuts.  Her's were a beautiful work of art.  But these donuts were so tasty!  


  1. Wow - you did a great job improvising! Now all I need to do is figure out how to cut that recipe down to only 2 donuts. That would be my limit. lol Good job ladies.

  2. Karen, You are an angel. Thanks for sending me the donut cutters. That was a very nice and thoughtful housewarming gift.